How to protect yourself after winning in lotto?

How to protect yourself after winning in lotto

Let’s be honest: winning is not as safe as it seems. There have been instances of winners who have to give half of their winnings to sad men so that the other half would be safe. And even though it’s not possible to get protected from criminals completely, there are few things you can do to increase the level of security after winning in lotto.


First of all make sure that random people don’t learn your personal info. You will certainly have to confirm it when claiming the winnings, you’ll also have to get in touch with a lawyer, legal counsel and financial advisor, so you should choose them wisely (at least you know you don’t have to look for the cheapest options anymore). You should also remember that your identity can be figured out using very innocent-looking data: phone number, e-mail address or data about your employer. The less you reveal about yourself, the safer you are.


Get protected legally. You can talk about it with a legal counsel, you should also certainly get a financial advisor (unless you are a big shot at the bank yourself). Online lotteries allow to win a lot of dough, but you also have to think about what to do with it later. If you used to earn the minimum wage, or even the average wage, then the highest jackpots will certainly be overwhelming to you. Here’s where real specialists are needed.


In theory, a bank is safer than putting money under mattress. In practice, one bank is still a poor solution. Try to allocate your money in a way that even someone who knows about a part of it has no idea that you have much more. It might sound like an advice from a paranoid, but paranoia is exactly what you need. There are hundreds of ways to track you down and the more protected you get, the sounder your sleep will be. Don’t invest in small banks, don’t trust obscure companies with your money – be suspicious about everyone.


You will be able to conduct some of the operations through intermediaries. That’s another layer of security, although obviously an intermediary will know a lot about you. Evaluate the risk and, wherever it pays off, take your personal involvement out of the equation. Don’t ask your family or friends for help, either, because your social circle is a perfect hint about your identity. By operating from the back seat, you protect yourself, your loved ones and the money you won. Remember that claiming the winnings in an online lottery requires adequate preparations, even if it isn’t very likely to happen.

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