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Beginnings of Mega Millions lottery date back to 1996, when the first draw under the name Big Game took place. Initially six states of the USA took part in the lottery, but later other states joined in. In 2002 after a change of the game rules and making it more attractive for the players, the lottery changed its name to mega Millions.

Up till 2016 Mega Millions used to be a lottery, which had the biggest historical winning prize which amounted to 665 000 000 dollars. It was only after 4 years that Powerball took its podium, but it is still one of the games designed in such a way so that the prizes are as high as possible.

Now Mega Millions is an American lottery game that people from the outside of the USA can also play. The only condition is buying a lottery ticket via the website. LottoMat is a perfect tool for that.

How to play Mega Millions and what can be won?

Rules of the game are very simple. A player has to pick 5 numbers within the scope from 1 to 70 and a Mega Ball – i.e. one special bonus number from the range from 1 to 25. The main prize is of course for the player whose coupon will have 6 drawn numbers. However, there are 9 levels, in which one can win a money prize. The coupon which indicates only Mega Ball number also wins.

Indicating all numbers that will be drawn in the lottery constitutes a guarantee of receiving the main prize or its part, if there are more than one winners. If you are lucky with the 5 main numbers, but your mega Ball is different, then you will receive a guaranteed prize of 1 000 000 dollars.

Mega Millions is a random game in the case of which enormous rollovers happen, so the winning coupons in this lottery provide very high profits for the winners.

Unfortunately, two additional options, including the possibility to buy a cheaper ticket for the rollover and multiply profits from the lower levels of the game are only available to inhabitants of individual states of the USA, but the main prize and the remaining levels are available to other players too.

How much is a ticket for mega millions lottery?

In order to check the cost of a single coupon or their bigger number you should take the option of winning numbers choice. After filling in a ticket at the LottoMat website, its price will be displayed under the coupon. A calculator will calculate the price based on the number of chosen tickets.

The ticket cost includes the cost of the coupon as well as all other fees and it is final.

How to buy a ticket for Mega millions lottery?

If you take part in the Mega Millions lottery you do not have to live in the USA but there is no other way to buy a ticket but online. The only thing that you have to do is to fill in a coupon at the LottoMat website and to pay. Millions of dollars are at your fingertips without even leaving your home, for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Your ticket will take part in an American game, and the prize will be transferred to you as a whole or in installments, depending on the option you choose. The drawing is on Tuesdays and on Fridays, and the winning numbers can be checked at the LottoMat website.

Choose the option “Play” and see how easy it is to buy a ticket! In order to win, luck is just enough!

How to play Mega Millions?

Thanks to our website you don’t have to visit the USA to buy a Mega Millions ticket. A player only needs to indicate 5 main numbers from the scope from 1 to 70 and an additional number – Mega Ball from 1 to 25. So as to win the main prize, you have to indicate all numbers correctly.

Indicate 5 main numbers from the scope 1 to 70 and one special one that is called Mega Ball from 1 to 25. Choose your numbers and play for millions.

Mega Millions hints

  • What to do in order not to spend too much money on the tickets but still have a chance to participate in a game with a bigger number of tickets? It’s easy – play only then when there is a rollover and invite your friends to play. This is the best option to profit, when you divide the costs of tickets between the participants of a family play. The chances to win increase when you buy more tickets.
  • The way of selecting numbers depends only on you. You can use the hit-or-miss option so as to fill in a coupon with random numbers or use your lucky numbers
  • You can also check results of the past draws so as to get to know the most frequently and most rarely drawn numbers in Mega Millions.
  • Buy a ticket for the lottery and we wish you good luck!
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