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Eurojackpot is an international lottery that was created in Europe and was initially only popular on our side of the hemisphere. One could say that it is simply a kind of an European version of lotto. Europjackpot is a pretty young lottery, it was created in March 2012 and has been enjoying an unfaltering popularity ever since, not just in Europe anymore but around the world. High winnings, big chances of picking the lucky numbers and incredible jackpots make Europjackpot attract an increasing number of new players. This monetary lottery has already created few dozens of lotto-millionaires.
It all started with a plan to create a competition to the Euromillions lottery and it has already surpassed it, becoming one of the fastest developing and most popular lotto games, especially online.

How to purchase an Eurojackpot lottery ticket?

The LottoMat website allows to purchase tickets online, so that you don’t have to look for a place to purchase such ticket. You have it all in one place, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. What is more important – from any place around the globe, as an online purchase at LottoMat is treated the same as a purchase in a country participating in the drawings. Which means that no matter where you are, you can play Eurojackpot online!

After placing an order, our representative will purchase a paper ticket on your behalf that will be available on your account at LottoMat.

What is the price of an Eurojackpot lottery ticket?

First select numbers on your online ticket – 5 basic ones and 2 extra ones. The price of the ticket will be displayed at the bottom of the list. Our calculator will evaluate the amount due depending on the number of tickets you fill out.

Now all you have to do is give yourself a chance to win, which occurs spectacularly often in this game.

How to play Eurojackpot, what to do in order to win?

In order to participate in drawings, one has to select 5 numbers from the 1 to 50 range plus 2 extra ones, or the bonus numbers, out of the 1 to 10 range. In order to select numbers completely at random, you can use the random option. In order to win the main prize, it is necessary to correctly select all 7 numbers.
When it comes to winnings, there is no single answer to the question of “how to play in order to win”. Every player has their own methods, some people buy a whole lot of tickets, others look up the current and archived drawing results, write down which numbers get drawn most often and create their own strategies for future games, and then there are those who simply play it.
In your game, you may use the so-called hot (most drawn) or cold (least drawn) numbers on your ticket, you may check them at the LottoMat website which has prepared a little cheat sheet available to every player. When filling out the ticket, make sure to use different combinations of numbers and to make use of the entire available range.

Who can play Eurojackpot?

Among the countries participating in the Eurojackpot lottery are as many as 18 states (Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden). Listing them all is important for the rules of the game, as in accordance with the lottery’s terms of use, people with other citizenship may participate in drawings as well, as long as the ticket was purchased in one of the above countries. In Poland, the Eurojackpot lottery is mostly available online.

Poland joined the lottery as one of the last countries, which was in September 2017 and thus it has the pleasure of participating in the largest European monetary lottery, which allowed Polish people to start getting high winnings as well.
The LottoMat website enables you to purchase Europjackpot lottery tickets over the Internet. It is very easy, all that is needed is literally few clicks, and after the purchase one can quickly and comfortably check the current drawing results on the website.

What makes Eurojackpot different from other number games?

Most of games of chance were designed in a way that makes very high winnings only available to a pretty limited number of players. Eurojackpot was made with a much bigger number of winners in mind, and the winnings amount to thousands and millions of euros. In a nutshell, it is a drawing designed in a way that gives the players higher chances of winning. And even though the Euromillions lottery, for example, allows to win more, Eurojackpot gives much bigger chances of winning in a drawing and getting impressive winnings.

It is worth noting that in Eurojackpot there are twice as many winnings as in other games of chance, which makes high winnings almost within reach. It is this attribute of the game that has elevated Eurojackpot to the higher planes of popularity in Europe.

A bigger number of winners also means higher chances for you.

Winnings and rules of drawing in Eurojackpot

The main guaranteed prize in Eurojackpot is 10 000 000 euro, whereas there is a total of twelve winning levels (that’s right, 12)! It means that everyone who selects the right numbers enters the group of lucky winners, and the main lotto prize will be split proportionally. The following eleven levels make a decreasing range of prizes, but among winners will also be those who select at least 2 main numbers and 1 extra number, a so-called bonus number. Even though the prizes on the further levels are lower, it is still a good idea to appreciate every penny, as the money can be spent to continue playing Eurojackpot.

In the event that a particular drawing doesn’t determine a winner, there is a rollover, which can reach the maximum threshold of 90 000 000 euro. All the surpluses above that amount are added to the prizes for the players on lower levels.

That way, even if you don’t win the main prize, you can still gain a lot!

As a reminder: how to play Eurojackpot? All you have to do is select 5 main numbers from 1 to 50, then 2 extra numbers from 1 to 10. Keep in mind that drawing the two extra numbers takes place using a different sets of balls, which means the same number may appear both among the main numbers as well as the extra ones.

On the LottoMat website, the numbers can be selected personally or using the random method. Drawing of the winning numbers takes place once a week on Friday (Helsinki, Finland) at 7 PM GTM.

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