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EuroMillions is a European random game, which was created in cooperation of three companies representing three countries: France, Spain and Great Britain. Therefore, at the beginning only inhabitants of those three countries could participate in the lottery. The first draw took place in 2004. During the following years other countries joined the lottery, inter alia: Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxemburg, Portugal and Switzerland.

France is a homeland of EuroMillions. It is there that on each Tuesday and Friday at 20:45 of local time drawing of the winning numbers take place. Outlets are in all countries that participate in the drawing and sometimes the rules of the game differ a little between the individual countries. However, the main part of the game always stays the same for all players. Inhabitants of different countries can take part in EuroMillions buying a ticket online via LottoMat website.

The prizes and rules of EuroMillions lottery

Rules of the game are very simple. A player has to choose 5 main numbers from the scope from 1 to 50 and two special numbers from the scope 1 to 12. The main prize is won by the player who indicates all 7 numbers correctly; however there are as many as 13 winning levels! Among winners of money prizes there are both those who indicate only 2 special numbers correctly as well as those who indicate 3 basic numbers. You can choose your numbers by yourself or via the hit-or-miss method.

If the main prize is not awarded, a rollover takes place, which in this game happens to be really high. However, the value of it has been limited. The upper limit at this particular moment is 185 000 000 euro, and if this amount is exceeded then its remaining part is added to the lower level, so the player 5:1 or 5:0 benefits from that.
The initial basic prize is 17 000 000 euro. So far the two highest prizes in EuroMillions lottery amounted to 190 000 000 euro and it happened in 2014 and 2017. It is worth to mention that in the case of such big rollovers one may benefit a lot even when not being the winner of the first degree.

How to buy a ticket for EuroMillions lottery?

LottoMat website allows purchase of tickets online, thanks to which you don’t have to be present in any of the international outlets. You can buy tickets online 24 hours and 7 days a week from any place in the world. It is just enough to use LottoMat website and indicate the numbers on the online ticket. In order to do that choose “Play” option. After placing an order, our representative will buy a paper ticket on your behalf and it will be available on your account in LottoMat. All tickets bought at the website are original and take part in the EuroMillions drawing.

How much is EuroMillions ticket?

Fill in the virtual coupon and check the summary underneath the tickets. You may decide to choose the numbers using only one ticket or more – it depends on you. System on the website will sum up the amount due that will include both the price of the ticket/tickets and the fee. We make every effort to make our prices competitive and as attractive as possible.
Remember, the more tickets you buy, the bigger the chance to win!

How to play EuroMillions?

You have to indicate 5 numbers from the scope from 1 to 50 and two Lucky Star numbers from the scope from 1 to 12. In order to win the main prize it is necessary to indicate all 7 numbers correctly. Nevertheless, indicating just 2 numbers correctly gives you a right to collect a prize in EuroMillions.

How to increase your chances to win?

  • Check the archive results of the lottery and get to know the numbers that were drawn most frequently and most rarely. Use this knowledge to create the best set on numbers.
  • Buy tickets together with your friends and family. It is the cheapest way to increase your chance of winning. Later you will share the prize with your beloved ones.
  • Use the rollovers, which increase your chances to win higher amounts at lower levels of the game.
  • You may use your own numbers that you consider lucky, e.g. important dates.
  • Another method is to rely on fate and filling in the coupon with random numbers using the hit-or-miss option.
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