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Pick 5 numbers and 2 Lucky Stars numbers OK Processing...
Pick 5 numbers and 2 Lucky Stars numbers OK Processing...
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EuroMillions online vs EurojackpotHow to buy a EuroMillions lottery ticket online?

A ticket purchase for  is incredibly simple, as the LottoMat website makes it possible to participate in drawings over the Internet. Thanks to this kind of approach, you don’t have to go looking for any international lottery office or even leave your house. You can purchase lotto tickets online any time you want, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week from any place in the world.

All you have to do is use the Lottomat website and point your numbers on the online ticket. To do that, choose the option Play on the website, then select the numbers or choose the random option. After confirming and paying for the order, our representative will purchase a paper ticket on your behalf, which will be available on your LottoMat account. All the tickets purchased on the website are original and participate in a EuroMillions official drawing.

Euro MillionsHow much does a EuroMillions ticket cost?

EuroMillions online – To check a ticket’s price, first fill out the virtual ticket and see the summary under the tickets, the price will differ depending on the number of tickets filled out. You may choose to pick numbers for only a single ticket or for a bigger quantity that you have specified. The system on the website will calculate the amount due, which contains both the price of the ticket(s) as well as the commission payment. We make our best effort to make those prices competitive and most attractive to every player.

Remember that the more tickets you buy, the bigger chances you have to win! Every ticket makes you closer to winning high prizes in the EuroMillions online.

EuroMillions drawingsHow to play EuroMillions online?

Playing this numbers game is really easy and uncomplicated. First of all, you have to select 5 numbers out of the 1 to 50 range and two Lucky Star numbers (bonus numbers) out of the 1 to 12 range. In order to win the main prize, you have to choose all seven numbers, but correctly choosing just two of them is enough to claim a prize in EuroMillions online.
After each drawing, you can check the current EuroMillions drawing results fast and smoothly on the LottoMat website.

EuroMillions rolloverHow to increase your chances of winning in EuroMillions?

Below I’ll show you several easy yet essential tips that will help you increase your chances of winning a lottery or hitting the jackpot.

  • Check the archived drawing results and find the numbers drawn the most and the least often. Use that knowledge to create the best set of numbers for the next lotto drawing.
  • Purchase tickets with your friends or family. That’s the cheapest option of significantly increasing the chances to win, with the winnings split equally later.
  • Make use of rollovers, which increase your chances of winning bigger amounts at lower levels of the game.
  • You can use your own number that you consider to be lucky, like your important dates.
  • Another method is relying on blind chance and filling out the ticket with random numbers using the random option.
  • Purchase several tickets at a time, more tickets means higher chances of getting the winning numbers and winning the drawing.
  • Always select numbers out of the entire available range, don’t limit yourself.

EuroMillions lottery history

EuroMillions is one of the first European games of chance that was created with cooperation from three companies representing three countries: France, Spain and Great Britain. That’s why during the early days of its operation only the citizens of the founding nations could participate in drawings. The first EuroMillions drawing took place in 2004. Because the lottery was growing fast in popularity, within the following few months there were new countries joining the lottery, including: Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland.

High winnings, large jackpots and attractive rules make EuroMillions, and especially its online version, a game played by a truly large number of players from around the globe.

The motherland of EuroMillions is France. It is France where every Tuesday and Friday at 08:45 PM local time the drawings of winning numbers take place. An EuroMillions lotto drawing is an incredibly exciting thing. The stationary offices are located in all the countries participating in drawings and it has to be taken into account that sometimes the rules of the game differ slightly between particular countries. The main element of the game remains the same for all players, though. All people can participate in EuroMillions by purchasing a ticket online, like through the LottoMat website. On our website, you can also check the drawing results and find plenty of useful tips that will make it easier to participate in the EuroMillions game.

EuroMillions rulesPrizes and rules of the EuroMillions online

The rules of the EuroMillions game are very simple, there’s truly nothing complicated about that, it is no nuclear science, just a game of chance. The player’s task is to select 5 main numbers out of the 1 to 50 range and 2 special numbers called Lucky Star numbers from 1 to 12. The main prize is won by the player who correctly guesses all 7 numbers, but EuroMillions has a total of thirteen winning levels (that’s right, a total of 13)! Among the winners of monetary prizes are both those who only pick 2 special numbers correctly as well as those who correctly pick 3 basic numbers.
On lower levels, the winnings may not be quite as spectacular, but the money can always be used to re-enter a drawing. You can keep playing until all your lotto number finally get drawn.
You can select the drawing numbers personally or using the random method.

When the main drawing doesn’t end with winning the main prize, a so-called rollover takes place, which can really get incredibly high, although in this lottery its value has been limited. The upper threshold at the moment is 185 000 000 euro, and if this amount really does get surpassed, the remaining part of it will be added to a lower level, which benefits the player 5:1 or 5:0.

The initial basic prize is 17 000 000 euro. So far, the two greatest winnings in the EuroMillions lottery were 190 000 000 euro each and it took place in 2014 and 2017. It is worth noting that with rollovers this high, one can earn a lot without even being a top level winner.

History of EuroMillionsHow to Play EuroMillions Online

It honestly could not be easier to play EuroMillions online. It’s one of the simplest processes, and before you know it, you will be ready to start playing your lucky numbers in a bid to win the grand prize. Can you imagine how fantastic that would be? Here’s what you need to do:

First, you need to create your account at Lottomat website. Don’t worry, you only need your email address and to come up with a password for this bit. There are no payment methods taken during the account creation process because we want you to feel secure and not like you are being forced into a transaction. Once you have verified your account, you can log in and browse through the tickets.

Selecting your numbers is the next part, and also the most fun. You can choose to use lucky dips, which will pick them at random for you. Or, you can enter your lucky numbers and hope that they are what you need in order to win. After that, choose the days you want to play and the number of weeks, then simply add the tickets to your cart.

When you’ve done that, it’s time to complete the payment and wait for the prize draw. For this part of the process, you just need to choose your payment method and enter the details requested in order to ensure the transaction is completed. Then, you will be left with your digital ticket and great anticipation of the next draw. Keep your fingers, and toes, crossed, you might just be the next winner.

How to buy a EuroMillions lottery ticket onlineEuroMillions online vs Eurojackpot

Which one should you choose though? You’ve likely heard of both the EuroMillions and Eurojackpot, as these are two of the biggest lotteries in Europe. There are a few interesting differences between these two forms of lotto, however, that you might be interested to learn more about.

The EuroMillions was first thought up and created in 1994, and it is the oldest of the two European lotteries. It was thought up by the executives that run the French Lotto, and based on the way in which state lotteries work in the USA. They wanted to see how it would work in Europe and, well, you can see it was a massive success. The Eurojackpot came many years later, and serves as a competitor to the EuroMillions – especially when it comes to the odds.

The EuroMillions actually have a lot more participants each week than the Eurojackpot. The former sees a good 80 to 100 million people playing on a weekly basis, whereas the latter is closer to 20 and 60 million. It should be noted that there is no formal study on the player base for the Eurojackpot, but this is the best estimation. Why do EuroMillions have more ticket sales though? A lot of it is because the jackpot is so much bigger. Where EuroMillions has 90 million euros up for grabs, Eurojackpot might only have 22 million euros.

While the EuroMillions has more players, it also has fewer participating countries; another interesting fact to look at. This means that the odds of winning the EuroMillions are lower because there are more people playing. The Eurojackpot has better odds for the overall prize, and while it is smaller, it is still a pretty good amount of money to win. The EuroMillions have a total of nine participating countries, whereas the Eurojackpot has a staggering 18.

Regardless of the size of the jackpot, it really is down to personal preference. The odds of winning the grand prize in Eurojackpot are much higher at one in 95 million, but the chances of winning any prize at all are only one in 26. With the EuroMillions, on the other hand, the odds at the jackpot are much lower at 139 million to one, but the chances of winning any prize are set at a comfortable 1 in 13. This means you are more likely to win a prize in general with the EuroMillions. It’s a little more rewarding than Eurojackpot in that sense, even in the jackpot odds are lower. The EuroMillions are also drawn twice a week, something that Eurojackpot has not yet implemented.

This twice weekly draw does actually show itself in the statistics. The best, and most recently calculated, examples are from 2017. In this year, the EuroMillions saw 22 grand prize winners, and the Eurojackpot only 17. Despite the fact that the latter of these has such high odds compared to the former, it may come as a surprising result. The two draws a week really help here. The biggest EuroMillions jackpot for that year was 190 million euros, which was won by someone in Spain. The Eurojackpot’s largest prize that years was 90 million euros and won in Germany. It’s interesting, because most of the winners for the Eurojackpot come from Germany, whereas the EuroMillions are quite equally dispersed.

There are also more people playing the EuroMillions each year because of the massive jackpot and the respectable smaller prizes. It has also been going on longer, which gives it an added element of respect over other forms of Lotto. This is despite the fact that it is available in fewer countries. The Eurojackpot is available in twice as many countries, but has a smaller player base despite the fact that it is equally respectable. This is because of the larger jackpot that the EuroMillions is able to provide.

There is only one country that allows you to play both forms of lottery. Spain is where to go if you want to enter EuroMillions and Eurojackpot through licensed retailers to increase your chances of winning. However, with an increasing number of online retailers offering lottery tickets outside of participating countries, you might just find that entering both is a lot easier than you originally thought.

How to play EuroMillionsThe History of EuroMillions

What about the history behind the EuroMillions? Back in 1994, it was an idea thought up by the executives of the French Lotto. They were inspired by the multi-state lotteries in the USA, and wanted to see if the same concept could work in Europe. However, it took an entire decade to talk through how it would work, negotiate, and argue. Eventually, they were able to agree on how it should be run.

The EuroMillions made their mark when their first draw was held on Friday the 13th of February 2004. It was an interesting choice to make for a game based on luck, but it was certainly remembered. When it was launched, the lottery was only available to those in France, the UK, and Spain. Later that year, Austria, Belgium, Luxemburg, Portugal, and Switzerland also decided to join in the fun and added their names to the roster.

It was a huge success in its first year, with massive jackpots being won across the continent. Whiles its first year certainly saw some impressive prizes, the biggest one wasn’t seen until 2005. In July of that year, the jackpot reached an incredible 100,000,000 euros, and it rolled over to make up 115 million euros the following week. That prize was won by someone in Ireland, which is when people really started to get into the draws.

There have been changes in ticket prices and the rules over the years, but there is one thing that always remains the same with the EuroMillions. They promise massive jackpots and equally exciting smaller prizes for those who haven’t quite got all the numbers. There is also the Millionaire Maker that gives people the chance to win a cool million every single draw. What more could you want from a lottery that spans across countries?

play EuroMillions onlineIs it Worth it to Play EuroMillions Online?

Of course, you will find yourself asking if it is actually worth playing the EuroMillions online at least once. The odds for the jackpot seem to low, and it may leave you feeling as though it isn’t actually worth it. After all, when did hope get you anywhere? Well, every person who has won the jackpot felt hope when the numbers were being drawn. Yes, it is a gamble because you never know if you are going to win, but that is half the fun.

It absolutely is worth playing the EuroMillions online, especially as there is a good chance you will at least win some prizes; even if it’s not the jackpot. There’s a lot of fun that comes with playing the EuroMillions, and the anticipation as you wait for the numbers to be revealed is a feeling unlike anything else. Instead of wondering whether or not you will ever win the grand prize, why not just take the time to pick up a ticket and see what happens. Sure, you might lose, but you could also be the next big winner.

Prizes and rules of the EuroMillions onlinePlaying EuroMillions Online vs Playing EuroMillions at a Retail Store

We all love the feeling that comes with heading into the store to buy our lottery tickets. Saying hello to the clerks we know so well, and who have almost become friends because we see them often. You can take your time filling in your numbers at the counter and then taking the ticket to the till, or you can select a lucky dip. Either way, your ticket is scanned, and you are presented with the official one; ready for you to use on lottery night. It becomes a tradition that we look forward to completing each week, but that’s all it is.

Yes, buying your ticket from a retail store gives you a physical copy that you can hold on to, but there isn’t much more to it than that. There are some who feel more secure when they buy a ticket from the shop, and there are others that claim your chances of winning are smaller when you buy online; that it is impossible to win the jackpot with virtual tickets. This is wrong. You have an equal chance of winning no matter the type of ticket you buy, because no one can accurately predict the numbers that are going to be drawn. Well, except maybe Derren Brown.

Going into the store means waiting in line for the slip to fill out, and again for your ticket to be scanned and handed to you. It becomes time-consuming, and you can easily end up wasting the best part of an hour just waiting for a ticket to be handed to you. We all have busy lives, and we can’t just stand around wasting time when it could be better spent elsewhere. It’s time to stop heading to the shop for your lottery ticket and welcome in the digital age.

Buying a ticket online takes all the stress and hassle out of the process. All you need to do is create your safe player account, and you are good to go, which makes everything so much easier. Select your ticket, pick your numbers (or lucky dip), and then wait for the draw after you have paid for it. There is no need to worry about it falling out of your pocket or wallet when you are out and about because it is safely stored in your online account. It’s the perfect solution for when you are concerned you might lose your paper ticket. Plus, if you have won anything, you will get an email notification to let you know that you are a winner.

It’s a completely secure system as well as a convenient one, and has started to become the popular choice for those who want to play. There is no need to worry about payment details or tickets being stolen, because state of the art tech is used to keep all of that information nice and safe. However, it also tackles the global issue of paper consumption because you are buying it virtually instead of wasting paper. This makes it a very sound solution environmentally speaking, and means that you can help the planet out a little by using less paper. So, if you want to do your part to help the environment, it is best to pick up a digital ticket instead of a physical one.