French Lotto Online

The French lotto lottery is governed and controlled by the French government.  This lotto was established in the year 1976, though the French lotto was made public within the year 2018. The idea of making the French lotto more competitive has drastically increased its popularity by 50%.

The lowest guaranteed jackpot for premium winners (5+1) is 2,000,000€. If there are more winners in the French lotto the amount is increased by 1,000,000€. If no winners emerge, jackpots that can be collected by a maximum of 34 draws are configured.

If no successor emerges in the 34 occasions –then, in the next draw the summed-up amount will be then divided among the following categories.

How to play French Lotto?

To play the French Lotto lottery, each player is expected to configure his / her bets by choosing five numbers between 1 and 49, with an extra ball which is number from 1 to 10 all-inclusive.

The Prizepool Categories

In total, there 9 prize categories in total. Excluding the first category that is called the “jackpot”, the remaining prize groupings have a fixed amount attached to each, as we can see  from the table:

In each drawing in a raffle format, 10 prizes of €20,000 come into play in addition, as a result, all physical tickets enter at stake, and the chance of winning is directly dependent on the number of players participating in the draw.

The current results of the French lotto draw can be found here.

Special Draws in French Lotto

Mainly, there are two special draws:  Grand loto Noel and the draw of Friday the 13th.

Basically, there are two special draws: The draw of Friday the 13th, and Grand Loto de Noël

The draw of Friday 13th is always scheduled on the 13th of Friday –during which an amazing raffle worth € 13,000,000 special prize, with an additional 50 –fixed prizes altogether in a € 20,000 raffle system.

Many believe the 13th Friday is superstitious, but the French lotto mapped-out this day as a special day due to the French National lottery that had it first draw on Friday, the 13th day of the year 1930.

The Grand loto de Noel; is a unique raffle that is held in France –every  22nd December, also as a Christmas Gordo in Spain.

The first group has a prize value of €20,000,000 –this is summed-up to the prize in the other 8 groups. A guaranteed prize of € 20, 000 each, is attached to special raffle draws of 100 raffle codes.

Prizes and chances to win French Lotto