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Powerball’s history, one of the world’s most famous lotto games started in 1987, when six states of the USA founded the Multi-State Lottery Association. Several years later the game took the whole country by storm and the game principles were perfected. It is without a doubt one of the best known random games of the world and a precursor of solutions that have gained great recognition from other lotteries, inter alia, because of the use of two drums to draw the winning numbers.

One of the most important information regarding random games is the fact, that the top prize so far has belonged to Powerball and amounted to one and a half billions of dollars. What is more it is worth to mention that the current principles of the game may turn this success into a trend, and prizes of similar value will become a standard in the coming years.

Currently, after numerous changes of the game principles, Powerball is present all over the world, and the lottery tickets can be bought online only, among others, via LottoMat.

How to play Powerball and what can be won?

The game consists in selecting 5 numbers from 1 to 69 and 1 additional number called Powerball from the scope from 1 to 26. Selection of all the winning numbers constitutes a guarantee of the main prize; however there are 9 winning levels. Also a person wins who indicates only the additional Powerball number.

PowerPlay is an extra option that makes it possible to multiply the prize apart from the main prize, but it is available only in the USA in the case of personal purchase of a ticket in Powerball lottery outlet. Indicating all of the winning numbers results in winning the main prize; however if you do not point Powerball bonus correctly, the prize guaranteed is 1000 000 dollars. In such a case it is enough to indicate only 5 main numbers.

Of course when there is no winner a rollover takes place and it is possible to win really enormous amounts of money.

How much is a Powerball lottery ticket?

In order to calculate the cost of a ticket, it is enough to fill in a coupon available at the LottoMat website. After having typed out the numbers, its price will be shown at the bottom of all coupons. After having filled in more than one coupon, the calculator will calculate the cost due, which is the final price. It includes the price of all the coupons and commission fees.

How to buy a ticket for Powerball lottery?

You don’t have to be an inhabitant of the USA to take part in the American lottery, but you can do it only online. It is enough to choose Play option at the LottoMat website and to fill in a suitable number of coupons.

LottoMat guarantees that the ticket is fully valid and participates in the Powerball prize draw. You can do all of that in front of a computer in any place of the world and at any time. The draw takes place twice a week – on Wednesday and on Saturday.

It is enough to buy a ticket and wait for the prize!

How to play Powerball?

Thanks to our website, the most popular lottery of the world is now available from home. In order to play Powerball, pick 5 main numbers from the scope from 1 to 69 and an additional Powerball number from the scope from 1 to 26.

Powerball hints

Play when a rollover happens. It is in the case of Powerball that the biggest rollovers of the world happen. The largest of them reached 1 500 000 000 USD! You can also use the most frequently winning numbers that you will find at the website with the results.

Tricks that may help you win:

  • Buy more than one ticket.
  • Make sure that the selected numbers are diversified.
  • Invite friends and family to play. This guarantees increasing the chances of winning, and the cost of the tickets can be divided. Play, when there are the largest rollovers, because all fun with Powerball is a chance to win the biggest prizes!
  • You can buy a winning ticket any time and become a millionaire.
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