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how to check UK lotto resultsHow to play UK Lottery, what can one win, how to check the results?

The rules of playing UK Lotto are incredibly easy, it’s a simple numbers game that everyone can understand. All you have to do is choose six numbers from the pool of 1 to 59. The main prize goes to a player who correctly picks all the numbers. Of course, if there is more than one winner, the monetary prize gets split proportionally. If nobody gets the lucky “six”, on the other hand, a lotto rollover occurs, which can reach unfathomable amounts. A rollover means that the value of the main prize is added to that prize in the next drawing, if nobody wins again then once more the prize gets bigger.

Let’s find out more about the UK Lottery jackpot and prizes. Lotto UK has as many as 5 levels where the players can win a prize, but only 4 of them offer a monetary prize. The lowest level, which means correctly selecting two numbers, gives an opportunity to get a free random ticket for the next drawing. The lowest monetary prize is 25 pounds.

The values of prizes in the British lotto vary, for example the Wednesday drawing offers a prize of 2 000 000 pounds, whereas the prize in the Saturday drawing is about 3,8 to 4 000 000 pounds.
In Lotto UK, rollovers occur very often, which means that the accumulated prize can be really high and reach dozens of millions of pounds. That’s a great opportunity to win truly large amounts.
The maximum rollover in UK Lotto may add up to 22 000 000 pounds, although this amount can be raised by the lottery’s host. If nobody hits the rollover jackpot, it is split among the winners who guessed five numbers.

The current Lotto UK drawing results can be checked on our lotto drawing result page.

What’s the price of a UK Lottery ticketWhat’s the price of a UK Lottery ticket?

Check out the price of a single ticket or few of them by selecting the Play option. Fill out the ticket with the numbers you chose or by using the random option, and the cost will be calculated using the calculator under the tickets. If you choose to select more than one ticket, the LottoMat website will calculate a proportional price for all the tickets together.

The price of a ticket(s) is the final amount and includes both the cost of the tickets and the commission fees. We make sure that you pay as little as possible and that our prices are competitive compared to other sellers.

How to purchase a UK Lottery ticketHow to purchase a UK Lottery ticket?

There are two ways to purchase a lottery ticket – personally at a selected lottery office located on the territory of Great Britain or over the Internet. Use the offer of the LottoMat website, because purchasing a ticket on the UK Lottery online website is only possible if you have a British bank account. Our website offers several different payment methods, including a credit card, an e-wallet or the website. We accept such e-wallets as Skrill, Neteller and Bitcoin. All the payment methods are completely safe.

When filling out lottery tickets, you have two options to choose from, which are selecting the lucky numbers personally or using the random method, which is available with every lottery. The best method is to bet on few tickets personally and on few others randomly.

The LottoMat website enables you to purchase a lottery tickets online around the clock and on any day of the week, so you can do it whenever you please. All you need is Internet access and a mobile device, you don’t even need to leave your couch. Now, isn’t that convenient?

After purchasing and betting on tickets, don’t forget to visit the LottoMat website which publishes the latest results of British lotto drawings in a flash.

We guarantee that the tickets purchased from us are valid and take part in drawing the main prize, and that our clients can purchase a ticket at any moment around the clock from any place in the world.

All you have to do is fill out a ticket and play for millions.

How to play UK LotteryHow to play UK Lotto?

Playing Lotto UK is very simple and with a bit of luck it may provide you with a decent influx of cash. UK Lotto is based on the 6/59 system, which means that the player selects 6 out of 59 numbers. To win the main prize, it is necessary to correctly pick all the numbers.

Lottery tipsUK Lottery tips

  • You can use the random option to fill out a ticket with random numbers.
  • You can also use dates that are important to you or numbers that you consider lucky for some reason.
  • Use the statistics. The most frequently drawn numbers in UK Lotto are 9, 12, 15, 17 and 19.
  • Pick the numbers from the 1-30 and 31-59 ranges. Make sure they’re diverse.
  • Invest together with family and friends, you’ll split the cost of the tickets, and there’s a lot for you to gain.
  • Play when the rollovers are the greatest, as the prize might be breathtaking.

facts about the UK LottoSome facts about the UK Lotto lottery

The history of British games of chance dates back to the 17th century, but up until 1934 it was completely illegal on the British islands. The following decades brought liberalization of the law, which led to a complete freedom of lotto organizations and ability to participate in international lotteries. Currently, there are several lotteries available in Great Britain, but the most important one is the national lottery which is UK Lottery, previously referred to as National Lottery.

The first UK Lotto drawing took place in 1994 and ended with seven players hitting the jackpot. For some time, the lottery enjoyed incredibly high popularity, but it sadly observed significant drops, which made it necessary to refresh its image, rules and to change the name to the UK Lottery we know today. Currently it is the most popular lottery in the country as well as having a group of fans abroad. Today, thanks to the Internet, it can be also played by people from outside Great Britain. The LottoMat website enables you to purchase a UK Lotto ticket.