How to play Superenalotto and win on weekend

Every week a new game begins on a different day but the lottery companies will never let go of the weekend. Almost all the results of the lotteries are declared on the weekends. This is done to ensure maximum participation of the individuals whether they know How to play Superenalotto or not.



It is a fact that winning the weekend game is the hardest. In case you have won the prize, there will be so many people with the similar combination that you will have to share it all. Here we have a few tips and tricks that will help you win the game on a weekend.

How to play Superenalotto on weekends:

We all know that the most important thing you have to consider is the selection of the numbers. When you are playing on the weekend everything depends on the number that you will select. One wrong move and all your hard work will be wasted.

During the selection procedure make sure that you ignore all the lucky numbers because they are commonly selected. If you want to do something unique you can select the unlucky numbers. Most of the people will avoid them considering them to be a bad luck. However, when it comes to lottery it is not the bad luck the numbers but your own mistakes that make you lose the game.

Once you have learned how to select the numbers the next important step is hiding your number. Make sure that you do not share your combination with your friends or family members. They might copy it. Let them know that you have not bought the tickets or you are waiting for the perfect time or some lucky moment. In this way, you will be the only player with a unique combination. It will increase your chances of winning the lottery on the weekend but make sure you know How to play Superenalotto.