How to play Powerball online and win more than jackpot?


Powerball is a multistate lottery game. In 1992 the game replaced the Lotto America lottery and becomes a first lottery game which uses two drums in order to draw winners. The one drum is used for white ball and one is used for red ball.



How to add power play?

In order to Play Powerball online and add more fun in game then multiplies with the non jackpot winnings of yours for $1.  A person can also multiply their non-jackpot prizes apart from the match five prizes by 2, 3, 5 or 10 times the total. Play Powerball online is not difficult to play. A player needs to understand the basic concepts. In order to purchase Powerball online there are few steps which should be followed:

Step 1

Select the number of tickets which you need to buy.

Step 2

Select the number of your choice. You can also choose the number by using a quick pick method.

Step 3

After picking the numbers now add power play for $1 in order to grow your non jackpot winnings.

Step 4

After the execution of the entire above step now it’s time to select the number of drawings which you want to buy.

Step 5

Now it’s time to enter the “Add to cart” button.

Play Powerball online

Powerball is one the most loveable game among people. It is a nationwide large jackpot game with the involvement of nine easy ways to win the game. In order to Play Powerball online you are required to pick five lucky numbers from the range of 1 to 69. You can also try quick pick method.

By using this technique you are able to get the random numbers. After selecting the numbers in play Powerball online, it’s time to select the Powerball number. Pick one Powerball number in the range of 1 to 26. After that add power play.