How to Play EuroMillions


If you want to become a millionaire in a twinkling of an eye, you should definitely learn how to play Euromillions – one of the greatest world lottery!

In order to play EuroMillions, you will need to purchase a ticket for the next lottery drawing. This can be done while you are travelling around particular European countries, for instance, France, Portugal, Belgium, Ireland, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, and Great Britain. These are some of the countries which are officially participating in this multinational lottery. Yet, if you are not a resident of any of these locations and you are not planning to visit them in the near feature, you can still take part in this great game. For this purpose, you will need to create your account on an official website of an online lottery ticket vendor and get your ticket there. It will take you just several minutes to pick your EuroMillions numbers, choose a drawing date and transfer the payment for your ticket.

Of course, it is crucial to know how much you will need to pay for your ticket. The EuroMillions ticket price is only cost of one coffee per line.  Just imagine this is a price for a possibility of the participation in an incredible drawing of millions of pounds! Beyond a shadow of a doubt, you should try to play EuroMillions.

What is the next step to becoming a millionaire on EuroMillions? Certainly, you will need to select your EuroMillions numbers. There are two pools of numbers in this game. You will need to pick five numbers out of the pool of 50 numbers and two additional numbers called Lucky Star numbers from a group of 12 numbers. The method you decide to choose for picking your numbers depends exclusively on you. For instance, you can use your own lucky numbers or check the EuroMillions past winning numbers in the Internet. If you are expecting these numbers to win once again, you can use the same numbers or just several of them. Yet, you may be interested in using an absolutely different group of numbers. In case you have absolutely no idea what numbers to choose, you can always use a random number generator for creating a number combination ready to use.

If you are shopping for your ticket at an outlet, the next step of the game will be paying for your purchase. Providing you are using the services of an online ticket vendor, you will be able to choose one of several possible ways of paying.

Of course, this is not the end of the game. Now, you should wait for the results and check them in order to learn whether you have won or not. You can watch an official lottery drawing on TV or online. Still, if you do not have an opportunity of watching a drawing, you can just visit a website of your official lottery vendor and check the results there.

If you match all the seven numbers correctly, you will get a jackpot. Otherwise, you may still be eligible to get a lower-tier prize. You can play this fantastic game twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays.

how to play euromillions

Where Can You Play EuroMillions?

EuroMillions is one of the greatest European and world lotteries which is offering absolutely fantastic jackpots. Therefore, there is nothing strange in the intentions of many lottery fans to participate in this incredible numeric lottery. If you are one of those people who would like to join the game, you should certainly know where to shop for your lucky ticket.

A traditional way of purchasing a lottery ticket is visiting a lottery agency, store or gas station which is offering an opportunity of getting a lottery ticket. When it comes to EuroMillions, you should know that this European lottery is not available in all the European countries. In point of fact, there are only nine countries which officially sell the tickets of this lottery. Thus, if you are a resident of France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland, you can buy a paper ticket in a traditional way. Pay your attention to the fact that some of these countries allow their residents to play lottery games without paying any taxes even for the greatest winnings. For instance, such countries are Austria and Portugal. Yet, if you are planning to get your ticket during your trip to any of these countries, you will need to learn the regulations for lottery winnings which are related to your own country of residence.

Providing you are resident of any other country which may be situated even in the other part of our planet, not necessarily in Europe, you still have an opportunity of playing EuroMillions. In order to do it, you will need to create a free account on one of the websites of the top lottery ticket vendors, for instance, on the webpage of Here you can purchase your tickets for the next EuroMillions draw time in a very simple and convenient way.

Online lottery ticket retailers provide their clients with a list of the most popular world lotteries including EuroMillions and make it possible to play in any part of the world. You will be able to pick your lucky numbers yourself or use a random number generator which will choose random numbers for absolutely free of charge. In addition to it, your online ticket vendor will provide you with all the necessary information about EuroMillions. You will be able to find out who has won the EuroMillions drawing today as well as how many EuroMillions winners have got a prize of each tier available on this game. In case you are interested in using hot or cold lottery numbers, you will certainly find such information on the website of your ticket retailer.

No matter which way of playing EuroMillions you decide to choose, you should certainly play this game!

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Why Should You Play EuroMillions?

Are you a fan of numeric lotteries who would like to try something new? May be you are a person who has never played any lottery games and is thinking about participating in a drawing for the first time? No matter which one is your case, you should try playing EuroMillions. Learn why you should take part in this lottery!

EuroMillions is one of the greatest European lotteries which is also known in the entire world. The reason for such fantastic popularity of this game is a perfect combination of strong odds of winnings and huge jackpots. Obviously, there are many world lotteries which can offer absolutely incredible prizes to you, yet, finding a game with strong odds of winnings is not so simple. EuroMillions is one of the best examples of those numeric lotteries which are offering excellent chances for winning a prize. Just imagine, your overall odds of winning any prize on this game are 1 in 13!

The EuroMillions jackpot can be as huge as €190,000,000 which is an enormous amount of money! The greatest EuroMillions prize can be won by several players since it is not earmarked for a sole winning ticket. If there are several players who match all the necessary lottery numbers, there will definitely be several winners of the first-tier prize. In addition to it, there are many other prize categories on this game. According to the statistics, an average second-tier prize on this game is approximately €455,172.95! Beyond a shadow of a doubt, such an amount of money is also extremely attractive! Moreover, an average third-tier prize is nearly €76,912.22. You will get such a nice sum of cash in case you match only 5 main numbers which means that you are allowed to make two mistakes and you will still be eligible to get money!

Another important advantage of this numeric lottery is that there are many places where to buy EuroMillions tickets. First of all, unlike the majority of national lotteries, the tickets of this game are available in nine European countries including France, Great Britain, Austria, Portugal, Luxemburg and others. You can also get your ticket via the Internet without any complications. Due to the modern technologies, the tickets of this lottery have been available for players from all the countries. Thus, you can get your ticket without visiting any of the countries mentioned above.

EuroMillions is the best solution for everyone who appreciates huge prizes as well as strong odds of winning these prizes. Get your ticket comfortably at home and start playing this fantastic game!

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Tips for Playing EuroMillions

Are you preparing for the next EuroMillions drawing date? Then, you should certainly check these tips for playing EuroMillions. Learn the information which will help you to play this great numeric lottery more efficiently!

Playing a lottery can turn to be extremely rewarding, especially, if you become a winner of a jackpot. Yet, the entire playing process is based on your luck and sometimes you need to participate in many drawings before you get positive results. Of course, playing a lottery needs paying for lottery tickets. Although a price for a EuroMillions ticket is really very low, not every player has an opportunity for spending money on the tickets on a regular basis. In order to economise your funds, you can take part only in the drawings with rollovers. In such a way, you will participate in fewer drawings and still will be able to win the biggest prizes.

If your financial condition is really poor, you can check the EuroMillions current jackpot in order to know whether it is already equal to €190,000,000. You probably know that this lottery game has special regulations for its jackpots. If a jackpot of a maximum amount is not won during five subsequent drawings, the money is divided among the winners of a second-tier prize. Thus, these winners will be able to get even more money for their winning. In addition to it, winning a second-tier prize on EuroMillions is easier than winning a jackpot, since you have a chance of getting a prize for matching only six numbers instead of seven. Still, you should realise that such situations are rather rare, although there have already been several drawings which have brought a jackpot to the winners of a second-tier prize.

Finally, you can spend less money on your Euromillions tickets providing you decide to participate in the game with your friends or relatives. There is an opportunity for group playing on this game. You can share the expenses of purchasing a ticket with other people and, in case of a winning, your prize will be divided equally among all the players of your group. By the way, it will be easier for you to participate in a group play if you decide to get your ticket with the help of an online ticket vendor. You will find special syndicates on the websites of such ticket retailers.

Now, when you know how to shop for your ticket, you just need to check how many EuroMillions numbers you need to match in order to win a jackpot and you can start playing this fascinating game!

A Strategy for Playing EuroMillions

The most important decision which should be made by every EuroMillions player is choosing lucky numbers. Of course, each of us has one’s own lucky numbers. Yet, only the minority of these numbers proves to be really lucky matching the numbers drawn in a lottery drawing. You certainly know that there is an abundance of various schemes for playing numeric lotteries including EuroMillions. Let’s look through one of the most extraordinary example!

For instance, Sam Weren, the author of The National Lottery Book: Winning Strategies offers an absolutely new approach to choosing your lucky numbers. The majority of people apply the numbers related to the dates of extremely important and happy occasions which took place in their lives. Meanwhile, Sam Weren offers special number sequences which are corresponding…to your dreams. According to Sam Weren, a dream of a wedding stands for such a sequence of numbers as 27, 9, 36, 45 and 3. If you have dreamed of a birth of a baby, your numbers will be 7, 22, 32, 23 and 5. In case you have seen a nightmare about the death of your friend, your numbers will be 22, 4, 49, 9 and 13. You will find more sequences of this kind corresponding with various dreams.

Well, what should you do with this information in order to get a positive EuroMillions result? You may think that the strategy is about filling your ticket with the numbers from a sequence related to your latest dream or the dream you have seen the night before a drawing. It might be a good idea, although Sam Weren has another proposal. He believes that it will be useful to keep a track of your dreams and write down all the sequences correlated with your dreams. Finally, when you decide to get your ticket, you will need to choose the numbers which are shown most frequently in these sequences. According to Sam Weren, these are the numbers which can actually make you a person who will win the EuroMillions drawing.

What do you think about this Dream Scheme? On the one hand, it might seem to be full of superstitions and wizardry, but, on the other hand, playing any numeric lottery is based exclusively on your luck. Then, why not to choose this strategy when the next EuroMillions play is held?

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Yet, if you believe only in statistical data, you can use a traditional strategy based on hot and cold lottery numbers. Choose the numbers which are the most frequently drawn on EuroMillions or rely on the numbers which haven’t been drawn during several previous games.

No matter which strategy you decide to choose, we wish you good luck!

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