How much can you win on UK Lottery find out now?

The UK Lottery was propelled in the November 1994 to allow players to win groundbreaking prizes. From that point forward UK Lottery has gone through various modifications, including addition of Wednesday lotto draw in February 1997 as well as the beginning of Lotto Raffle in the October 2013. In any case, the individuals are interested to know that how much can you win on UK Lottery? Here we have mentioned the prize money that you can win in various Lotto draws each week. In any case, first simply get a little thought how to play it.

How to Play the UK lottery?

To play, pick six numbers in the vicinity of 1 to 59 and if every one of the six of the numbers coordinates the balls picked on the night then you be the victor of the big stake. In case you are attempting to select your own numbers then you can likewise choose the Lucky Dip, which haphazardly chooses an arrangement of numbers for you to take part in the lucky draw.

How much can you win on UK Lottery?

Winning lottery is usually a game of luck and sometimes some strategies and different lotteries have different jackpots. The UK Lottery has 6 prize levels in all and how much can you win on UK Lottery are listed here:

  • If all the 6 numbers are matched then you win the jackpot.
  • 5 numbers are matched along with a bonus ball then you will win nearly 50,000 Euros.
  • If just 5 numbers are matched without the bonus ball then you will nearly win 1000 Euros.
  • Matching 4 numbers will result in a win of 100 Euros.
  • If 3 numbers are matched then you will win 25 Euros and if you got unlucky and only 1 number is matched then you will get a free lotto lucky dip.

On the whole the odds of winning lotto UK reward are 1 in 9.3.