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How to protect yourself after winning in lotto?

How to protect yourself after winning in lotto

Let’s be honest: winning is not as safe as it seems. There have been instances of winners who have to give half of their winnings to sad men so that the other half would be safe. And even though it’s not possible to get protected from criminals completely, there are few things you can do […]

How to invest lottery winnings?

How to invest lottery winnings

No, this article is not going to be about WHAT to invest it in. What it will be about, however, is HOW to invest lottery winnings, or what to pay attention to when choosing the investment tools. It is better that way, because knowledge in this area is of universal nature and it’s not like […]

Brief history of lotteries

Brief history of lotteries

Games of numbers and of chance have an incredibly long history. Although the oldest documented case dates back “only” 2300 years, it could be reasonably assumed that people gambled much earlier than that, if not for money then certainly at least for fun. Here is a brief history of lotteries. Old China In ancient China […]

Winning millions, losing life

Winning millions, losing life

So many names could be given at the beginning of this article! A lot! The history of lotteries, like the California Lottery or the Washington Lottery, is full of people who after winning millions, weeks or months later had already been ruined. That’s why I will not choose the most famous cases, I’ll just tell […]

Is it possible to beat the system? Somebody has the greatest lottery fraud

2. Is it possible to beat the system? Somebody has -the greatest lottery fraud

The thing about games of numbers is that you can’t cheat the system. That’s because this system is blind fate. Of course there is no shortage of those who keep trying. And even though all of the systems of playing lotto are worth exactly the same, which is nothing, there is a way to beat […]

Lotto game Top 3 benefits you want to have

Playing the lotto game doesn’t bother with a reason as we as a whole are very much aware of the benefits it gives. It is no big surprise that these fortune games are one of the best wellsprings of diversion and can totally change your life once you hit the big stake. Be that as […]

The greatest jackpots online Find out to win

Bounce online and you’ll find parts more alternatives far less expensive diversions. They will be much better chances and the greatest jackpots online. So quit lining up and let the defining moments start! The greatest jackpots online: by Jackpot Size With regards to lottery jackpots America is the prevailing superpower, guaranteeing the greater part of […]

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