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Making money over the InternetMaking money online – If you have found this website, then you are undoubtedly looking for a unique way to make money on the Internet that will meet the 3 basic criteria. This method has to be simple and cannot require large financial resources. It has to be universal and accessible to pretty much everyone – the target group has to be as large as possible. The third and last one criterion is making huge amounts without much effort. Welcome to the website of an affiliate program that meets all 3 of these criteria.

How to make money on the Internet without large costs

The Internet is full of affiliate programs that promise to reveal to you a unique idea of how to make money. You have certainly run into affiliate programs that describe the whole idea enigmatically while avoiding any direct explanations on how exactly you make money. Do avoid such programs.

Such programs very often offer dubious earnings from the Internet for disproportionate effort and at high cost. They often encourage you to advertise products or services of dubious quality, feeding you with an illusory vision of making millions, while in reality they offer very miserable conditions.

You won’t find that here. We make things clear and explain to you without sugarcoating how much you will make and how. On top of that, we won’t look for all the possible ways to convince you why you should work with us. We assume that after reading this text, after making yourself familiar with all the other info on our website you will make your own decision to start working with us.

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Making money on the Internet by offering lottery tickets

The global lottery market is so big that it’s hard to exactly estimate how many people around the world play lotteries every month. It is estimated that over 70% of the adult population in USA and United Kingdom buy a lotto ticket at least once a month. Then there’s 50% that does it more than once a month. On the global scale, it’s hundreds of millions of people (we don’t want to use the word billions, but using it wouldn’t be an overreaction) playing every week (most of the time, lottery drawings take place once a week or more often).

Lottery players is not just USA and United Kingdom. People around the world participate in their own national lotteries, and the most lucky ones change their lives by winning the main prize. But what if we took a look at this from a different perspective? How to make money on lotteries without playing them?

Making money over the Internet 2

What does it all have to do with our affiliate program and making money on the Internet?

The website offers its players from around the globe the ability to participate in the world’s greatest lotteries without leaving home. From anywhere in the world, we are able to purchase tickets for American or European lotteries, in which we can often win few hundred million dollars or euros.

You won’t have to buy lottery tickets in order to make money with us, quite the opposite. You will earn a commission for the tickets sold. All you have to do is start promoting playing lotteries on the Internet, and have the players referred by you start purchasing tickets. Regardless of whether they’re lucky or not, you still make money.

Our website is available in as many as 21 languages and we keep adding new ones, thus increasing our range of operation. If we’re still not available in your country and in your language – message us. We’ll take care of it!

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Making money online is simpler than ever before

Until recently, making money on the Internet was an option only available to the few who not only had the business idea itself but also vast knowledge in marketing, SEO or programming, in order to make their website operational and prospering. Of course, there was also a shortcut, which was hiring people with such knowledge, but this on the other hand required large financial resources right in the beginning. But the aim should be to not spend thousands right at the start.

Making money over the Internet 3Today it is much easier to make money online. When it comes to our website, all you need is a referral link that will assign a particular player to your account. The most important thing is, the player will be assigned to you indefinitely. As long as they keep buying tickets, you make money.

If you have your own website, a mailing list, a prospering fanpage, an interesting blog, message board accounts, or simply have another interesting promotion idea, you have everything you need to start working with us and begin making money online. Our affiliate program is available to absolutely everyone, no matter if you want to earn some extra allowance or are planning to conquer the Internet lottery market, ending up with your own ticket-selling website.

How much can you make?

Every new partner is offered 25% of the revenue made from selling lottery tickets. That number gradually goes up, depending on the monthly turnover, up to as much as 40%. We are not afraid to share our profits, and the best partners can expect even more beneficial conditions in specific cases, but let’s not get that far into the future.

It is worth noting that we don’t use negative commissions, which means we don’t deduce the money won by the players you refer from your earnings, as is the case with all companies in industries such as the casino or bookmaking one. Regardless of whether a player referred by you gets “three”, “six” or nothing, you make money. The drawing result doesn’t concern you.

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How to start making money?

Like we’ve already mentioned, you can use any way to promote our website through your affiliate link. It all depends on your creativity. You can recommend us to your friends, you can put the link in your signature on the message boards you frequent that is displayed under each of your posts. There’s really a lot of ways to advertise. It’s only up to you which of them you choose. We recommend using diverse sources to look for players.

Why is this method of making money online more effective and better than others?

First and foremost, it doesn’t require any financial resources on your part. You don’t have to create your own software, because you use our own solutions and the tools we provide. We give you an array of advertising materials to use such as banners that you can successfully use for promotion.

The Internet lottery industry differs from other industries for making money on the Internet in that the players remain loyal for a very long time. In other words, when someone decides to play, it is not to quit after a month. You certainly know people around you who buy lottery tickets regularly and have been doing so for many years. It is the same with the lotteries on the Internet. If you refer a player who decides to open an account and play, they will certainly not quit after few months. And like we mentioned, your commissions are indefinite and we’re not going to cut them. As long as the players referred by you participate in lotteries, you make money.

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