Polish Lotto Results

Polish Lotto is a national lottery as well as the most popular game of chance in our country, with millions of Poles participating in hopes of high winnings. Participating in it is almost a tradition by now, since for as long as it exists, plenty of people have had very high hopes about it, and plenty of us sit in front of TV to watch the lotto drawings. On the LottoMat website, you can check the current lotto drawing results and maybe become a millionaire, and even if not, you will plan your next steps thanks to the archived results available on our website.

Polish Lotto drawing results

On the LottoMat website, you can check the current results of the Polish lottery online. You will find them on the very top of the page together with the date of the last drawing. All results come directly from the host’s website, they are 100% authentic. The current lotto results show up right after the drawing ends so you can quickly look up how many numbers drawn match your ticket.

It is worth noting that the Polish lottery is so ingrained in our subconsciousness that changes of its name went almost unnoticed and really a lot of older players keep searching for results by typing Totolotek results or Duzy Lotek drawing in the search engine, even though these are the same results as Polish Lotto drawing.

Besides the current lotto results, the LottoMat website also provides you with archived results, which might prove very useful for lottery enthusiasts, especially in developing your own, intricate plan called “how to win lotto”.

Archived Polish Lotto results

If you’re looking for them, all you have to do is use the calendar of results. It is located under the date of the last drawing. By changing individual positions, you can find results from the last 12 months there. Why is it so important?

First of all, you can build effective strategies based on the statistics of particular numbers appearing in drawings. It will allow you to create a plan to pick the winning numbers and join the group of winners. Another advantage is the ability to check the frequency of lotto jackpots occurring as well as finding out the values of prizes and chances of winning them. In the archived results you will see how many players win at each drawing for the individual game levels.

The most drawn numbers in Polish Lotto

The archived drawing results allow to calculate the frequency of particular numbers occurring in drawings. Such benefits of the statistics can change a lot in your life and place you among Polish millionaires and make your dreams come true!

The most drawn numbers in Lotto are 13 and 42, but among equally frequent numbers are also 32, 6, 18, 4, 19, 45 and 17. Using them is one of the methods of increasing your chances of getting the main prize.

When purchasing the tickets, it is a good idea to get more of them, each ticket increases the chances to win. Another good idea is to use the entire pool of available numbers and not limiting oneself to only the favorite ones.

Polish Lotto – prizes, rules and winnings

Enormous popularity of lotto among Polish people is a result of frequent drawings and equally frequent jackpots. Lotto drawings take place as many as three times a week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Every day, a drawing at a different game takes place. Tickets for those games are relatively cheap compared to other, foreign lotteries, and the chances of winning are pretty high. All of that causes players from abroad to get interested in Polish Lotto as well, and eagerly purchase tickets on the Internet, which allows Polish Lotto to develop online as well.

The playing rules are incredibly simple and clear, there’s nothing complicated here. The player’s task is to select six numbers from the range of 1 to 49. A player who guesses all six numbers gets a first level prize which is the prize of the highest value. Lotto has as many as four winning levels, which means that monetary prizes are also won by those who guess 5, 4 or 3 numbers drawn.

The basic, guaranteed main prize is 2 000 000 PLN. In the event that more than one six is hit in a drawing, the prize is split proportionally among all the winners. It is worth noting that drawings take place as many as three times a week – on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, so the chances of rollovers are really very high. Lotto rollovers often reach very high amounts, which is why it’s a good idea to regularly participate in drawings.

Polish lotto offers several different types of lotteries as well as scratch cards. The lotteries include, among others, Duzy Lotek, Multi Multi and Mini Lotto, there’s an addition to every game in form of Lotto z Plusem. Lotto z Plusem makes it possible to win extra money without filling out another ticket. For example, if a player buys Lotto Plus as an addition to Duzy Lotek, then first a traditional drawing for Duzy Lotek numbers occurs, and then the ticket also takes part in a Lotto Plus drawing where the guaranteed prize is one million zloties, and the winning is not split among other players. Lotto Plus is not a separate game, it can only be participated in after paying a small extra charge when purchasing tickets for individual lotteries.
The Multi Multi and Mini Lotto lotteries are less popular than Duzy Lotek, but their winnings also reach decent amounts and it’s a good idea to participate in them.

Rollovers in Polish Lotto

Each Polish player knows that Totolotek is famous for frequent rollover jackpots which can truly reach impressive amounts. This is when Lotto attracts most interest from the participants, including those purchasing their tickets on the Internet. Polish Lotto is the easiest way to win and get a decent influx of cash. Despite the jackpots not being quite as spectacular as in case of other, global lotteries, one has to admit that the amounts aren’t really that small.

The greatest winning in the history of Polish Lotto was reached quite recently, as in May 7th 2017. The Totolotek jackpot reached whole 60 000 000 PLN back then. The winnings were split among three lucky players. The highest single winning in the history of Lotto was also in the same year and amounted to almost 37 000 000 PLN. This trend keeps growing, so the prizes will just keep getting bigger. On the LottoMat website, you can quickly and easily purchase Polish Lotto tickets and fight for incredibly big money. It is worth it, because maybe today fortune will actually smile on you.

We wish you high winnings!