Play Polish Lotto

The prizes and rules of playing Lotto

In 2002, together with a change of name, changes to the prize pool and a single ticket price also took place, so that Polish people can play for much bigger amounts. Currently it is the oldest and also the most popular game of chance in our country and it greatly surpasses other lotteries run by Totalizator Sportowy. The Duzy Lotek drawing is especially popular, not only among the oldest players but among the young generation as well.

The rules of playing Lotto consist of selecting 6 numbers out of 49 available. The person who guesses all 6 numbers gets the first level prize which is the top prize. Lotto is divided into 4 winning tiers. Monetary prizes are also given to players who select 5, 4 or 3 correct numbers. Contrary to a popular belief, lotto winnings aren’t a rare thing, there’s somebody winning all the time.

The minimum and basic main prize is whole 2 000 000 PLN. Whereas the value of the prize is lower than when it comes to European or American lotteries, frequent lotto jackpots make quite a treat for all players. In the event that there is no winner of the main prize, a rollover takes place, which as we mentioned happens a lot in the Polish Lotto, so players have a chance to get quite an influx of cash. The highest lotto rollover took place in 2016, when it rose to the amount of 60 million zloties and was split among three players.

All you have to do is buy a ticket and play for millions that are within your reach.

How to purchase a Lotto ticket?

There are two ways to purchase a Lotto lottery ticket – we can visit a lottery office or fill out a ticket over the Internet. Sadly, Polish ticket offices mean long lines, as they offer plenty of different games, and popularity of Lotto also makes the time to get to the counter significantly longer.
Another thing is that the lottery host doesn’t sell Lotto tickets on the Internet. But there is a solution to that! The LottoMat website, in order to meet the expectations of players, has made it possible to purchase lottery tickets online, so that you can play Lotto online fast, easily and conveniently. You no longer have to leave the house and waste your valuable time waiting in a line at the lottery office. On top of that, you don’t even have to be on the Polish territory to participate in a drawing. That way the LottoMat website wants to make Polish Lotto popular all over the world, instead of just being limited to our own country.

So how to purchase a ticket? All you have to do is visit the LottoMat website, fill out a Lotto Poland lottery ticket or tickets available there, pay and wait for a lotto drawing. Obviously, you can also easily check the Duzy Lotek drawing results on the website, coming from reliable sources, straight from the lottery’s host.

How to fill out a lottery ticket?

We have two selection methods at our disposal – we can select numbers personally or use the random option. All of this is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and from any place in the world, including your own house.

It’s only a moment in front of the computer, and it can change your life, so it’s worth a try!

What’s the price of a Lotto ticket?

The price of a single or several lottery tickets can be checked very easily, through the Lottomat website. All you have to do is fill out a ticket or tickets and see the amount due. The price will be displayed automatically under the line of tickets. If you fill out more than one, the calculator will add up their value and display the total price of all of them.

All you have to do is fill out the ticket and play for the main prize.

How to play Lotto?

The rules of Polish Lotto are very simple. You need to choose 6 out of 49 numbers, purchase a ticket and wait for the drawing results to see if you won. There are plenty of ways to play, everyone has their own approach here. Some develop a strategy of the most and the last drawn numbers. They use archived lotto results for help. Other players choose numbers related to crucial events in their lives, and then there are those who rely completely on luck and just pick at random. If you have no idea which numbers to select at the beginning of your adventure then don’t worry, just use the random method and a special program will pick lotto numbers for you.

Lotto tips, or how to play Lotto to win?

  • First of all, the more tickets you purchase, the bigger your chances to win. Each ticket is a new chance that gets you closer to winning and having your dreams come true.
  • Check the result page and see which numbers show up the most and the least in drawings. Use that knowledge and choose the best among them.
  • Use your own system, pick your favorite numbers and mark them. They may turn out to be the lucky ones.
  • Select numbers in a way that makes them as diverse as possible, preferably using the entire available range of 49 numbers.
  • Invite your friends and family to purchase the tickets. You will lower the cost of the tickets while also increasing your chances to win.
  • Play especially when there’s a rollover, it’s a great opportunity to hit the big “six”.

Polish Lotto, or Big and Small Lotto

Polish Lotto is present on the market since 1957 which makes it a lottery with a very long history. It was 1957 when the first drawing took place, but back then the game was called Toto-Lotek. This name got so rooted in our society and is so popular among the players that we still say to this day that we play totek and not Lotto. The first change of the name took place in 1975, to Duzy Lotek, then it was Multi Lotek. Since 2002 it is just Lotto.

Lotteries in Poland are always hosted by Totalizator Sportowy. Since 1973, Lotto drawings could be watched on the first and second channel of TVP, but in 1995 it was moved to the Polsat channel, then in 2002 it returned to TVP. Currently lotto drawings take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 9:40 PM and enjoy very high ratings. Lotto drawings are also available to see online on the official website. Each of us certainly can’t wait to see the current lotto results.