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Greek Keno

Play Greek Keno Online (Keno Greece)

You can pick 1 - 12 numbers within 1 - 80 range

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You can pick 1 - 12 numbers within 1 - 80 range
The higher the stake, the bigger the win. You can win up to €1,000,000 while picking 12 numbers with x10 stake

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The higher the stake, the bigger the win. You can win up to €1,000,000 while picking 12 numbers with x10 stake
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How to play Greek Keno

How to play Greek Keno?

At first glance, Greek Keno online may seem like the easiest game in the world, but it has its own unique characteristics.

Play Keno offline in Greece

Here are the steps to play Greek Keno:

  1. Choose the numbers you want to bet on and write them down on the lottery ticket. You can choose up to 20 numbers, the more numbers you choose, the higher your chances of winning.
  2. The betting time is locked and the drawing process begins.
  3. Keno is one of those live games where you have to watch the results.
  4. The number of winners is determined and the winners are verified. Betting period reopens for new draws.

Play Greek Keno online

Greek Keno online has always been one of the traditional games as it is very old but with the advent of online lottery games, Greek Keno online has become one of the most demanding modern games.

It doesn’t matter where do you live – you can play Keno anytime and in every single place on this planet. Just log in with it, go to the Greek Keno lottery page, choose your numbers and pay for your Keno online tickets. Once you have purchased your Greek Keno ticket, all you have to do is wait for the draw. Results can also be checked on our website.

Greek Keno Tickets

Greek Keno Tickets

Greek Keno tickets are no different from lottery tickets you buy online. They are of equal value when it comes to the prizes you can win and the great thing is you can buy them at any time! The more Greek Keno tickets you buy – the more chances of winning the lottery you have. Purchased Greek Keno tickets will be available immediately after purchase and you can be sure that you will not misplace them or even worse, we won’t lose your ticket. A player can buy more than one Greek Keno ticket, he can fill in the ticket by using his own numbers or he can use the Quick Pick tool to choose numbers automatically When you buy Greek Keno tickets online, you are 100% safe!

Greek Keno Rules

Greek Keno Rules

We came to the most interesting part, the rules of the Greek Keno lottery.

⚡ The board on Greek Keno: where we see the 80 numbers from which we have to choose 20. It is represented by a table with 10 columns of 8 numbers each.

⚡ The card or ticket on Greek Keno: where we place the bets. Each bet on a number is called a “spot” because the Chinese used to erase the winning number with a brush.

⚡ The drum: Greek Keno uses a drum with balls, just like bingo. A random roulette wheel can also be used, but this is less common.

⚡ The draw on Greek Keno usually held in quick meetings. In the past there were two a day, while today Greek Keno online can be placed every five minutes.

Keno Greece Prizes

Keno Greece Prizes

Don’t feel discouraged when you see that this game only has three bonus levels. The maximum amount in Greek Keno online to be shared in profits (per draw) in each of categories 1 and 2 of games 12, 11, 10 and 9 is 1,000,000 €. For profit participation tickets with KINO BONUS, the maximum amount is respectively 2,000,000 €. In case the total amount they share exceeds the maximum amount mentioned above, the division of the maximum amount between the respective successes is done in shares according to the winning zone participation value of each ticket.

To find out more – check Greek Keno prizes and jackpot.

How to Check Greek Keno Results

How to Check Greek Keno Results?

A player can go to the local point of sale and there he can check the official lottery winning numbers. Also, the results shown on tv, social media, at official website. If you buy physical Greek Keno tickets on paper, the best way to check your combination is to go directly to the point of sale where you usually buy Greek Keno ticket. If your ticket was purchased on Lottomat and you like to play Greek Keno online, you can easily check the results on your PC or mobile device. Just open our website, go to the section with official lottery results and select Greek Keno results, you will see the winning combination of the last draw.

Keno Greece Online – Tips for the Players

Keno Greece Online – Tips for the Players

We could say that Greek Keno Online does not fall into the category of mind games, however, it can get complicated if we are allowed to place more complicated bets in the lottery.

⚡Creating a list of lucky numbers. You can select your numbers and repeat them in every draw

⚡Participating with friends and family. You bet with your people in order to mark much more Greek Keno tickets

⚡Following the lottery. You should take place in draws in the raw. Do not forget the drawing

⚡ Buying more Greek Keno tickets is a perfect solution to win the lottery