Mega Millions tickets – all facts.

Mega Millions

Even if you are a devotee of Mega Millions who has already spent some time on playing this lottery game and buying tickets , you can still not know several interesting facts about it.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, winning a jackpot is a matter of your luck. Therefore, this form of entertainment has always been connected with a bit of magic. The magic influences not only the choice of the numbers for a drawing, but also the place where you get your tickets. Some people choose special stores for getting their Mega Millions tickets as well. For example, the Bluebird Liquor store has thousands of customers who would like to get their tickets there. Many of them are waiting more than three hours in order to get their tickets in this store.

You know how many Mega Millions numbers on the tickets needed to be matched to win a jackpot. An extraordinary fact is that Colo the gorilla also knew how many Mega Millions numbers are there and even tried to picked one’s own numbers for the drawing in which the record jackpot was offered. This gorilla lived in a Columbus Zoo and was one of the first gorillas brought up by people. It may sound odd; yet, Colo picked the NCAA Final Four for a basketball match without any mistakes. Then, Colo was offered two groups of onions with the numbers from 1 to 56 and the numbers from 1 to 46. The numbers which the gorilla chose for the drawing were 9, 12, 21, 31, 41 and 9.

It is also interesting to know that the first Mega Millions jackpot was equal to $28 million in 2002. Now, Mega Millions is offering absolutely fantastic jackpots with the greatest one which overcame $600 million in 2012. It is important to emphasise that for that moment this sum used to be a record jackpot among all the lotteries in the United States. In 2016, Powerball established a new record. The jackpot was equal to $1.58 billion then.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, anyone is wishing to have a positive Mega Millions tickets and become the winner of a jackpot. Do you have any real plans for using such an incredible amount of money? Would you like to buy a new car, a new house, leave your city, start travelling around the world? First of all, you should remember not to tell your future boss during the interview that in case of winning a jackpot you will definitely quiet your job. In addition to it, you should be very careful with the money you get. Some experts have estimated that an average winner of a Mega Millions jackpot burns through this fantastic sum of money in less than five years! It is better to make good investments once you become a squillionaire.

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The Greatest Winning on Mega Millions

When a Mega Millions drawing is held, the initial amount of a jackpot is equal to $15 and it is increased by $5 with each rollover. How big can be a Mega Millions jackpot?

Mega Millions jackpot isn’t limited. When there is no Mega Millions winner in a drawing, the jackpot will grow without any limits.

For the time being, the largest jackpot was won on March 30, 2012. An annuitized amount of this prize was equal to $640 million and a cash value of this jackpot was $462 million.

The second greatest jackpot won on Mega Millions tickets was $540 million. The drawing of this prize was held on July 8, 2016. This jackpot was earned by one winning ticket from Indiana. The cash option was chosen.

There was also a fantastic jackpot of $414 million won on March 18, 2016. There were two persons who won the Mega Millions jackpot. The winners decided to choose a cash option. Each winner got a nice sum of $230.9 million.

$390 million was a prize won on March 6, 2007. There were two winning tickets from New Jersey and Georgia. The winners of the jackpot chose an annuity option and each person got $195 million.

As far as you can see, Mega Millions offers extremely huge jackpots which can be earned by several winning tickets. It means that you have even more chances of getting an attractive reward. Bear in mind that the prize of a ticket is only one dollar and the opportunities it gives you are absolutely tremendous. If you apply a Megaplier feature while playing Mega Millions tickets, you will be able to become a multimillionaire without winning a jackpot.

What are the greatest prizes won in 2017? There were many fantastic winnings during the current year.

Patricia Basking from Palos Heights won $393 million on November, 11. David Trapp from Laguna Hills won $61 million on April, 28. Eliberto Cantu from Lubbock won $117 million on March, 31.

In addition to these winnings, there were many drawings which made the winners of the second prize millionaires. For example, Leonard Bulmer from Albuquerque, Paul Kuharevicz from Muskegon, James Deal from Hurresonburg, Michelle Faysal from Ontaria, Canada, Jaime De Jesus Osorio Ocampo from Woodside, Huisun Chow from Bayside Queens, Samuel Smith from Bridge City and many other got a million of dollars.

Megaplier really helps people to get even more money. For example, Reg Abare, Linda Evans and Billy’s Bunch Microgroup become the winners of $5 million each in 2016.

Now, it’s your turn to become a winner of Mega Millions!

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The History of Mega Millions

Mega Millions is one of the greatest lottery games available nowadays. Learn the history of this fascinating game with this article!

Not everyone knows that Mega Millions used to be another game. In 1996, this lottery was called The Big Game and its tickets were sold in such states as Virginia, Georgia, Michigan, Illinois, Maryland and Massachusetts. This game had only one drawing per week which was held on Fridays. The lottery game has been offering a cash prize since 1999.

The first Mega Millions drawing of tickets was held in 2002. It was the year when the lottery changed its name from The Big Game to Mega Millions. The trademark of this lottery is owned by another lottery which is The Illinois Lottery.

Other lottery games started joining Mega Millions in 2002. The first lottery was Washington, then, Texas and California joined the game. There was the cross-sell expansion in 2010, when other lottery games joined Mega Millions as well.

It is also interesting to know that Megaplier used to be an option offered exclusively by the Texas Lottery. The Texas Lottery also owns the trademark of Megaplier. Practically all the states which are now taking part in this lottery game offer this option to their players. The exception is California which doesn’t provide its players with Megaplier.

It has already been mentioned that there was the cross-sell expansion of Mega Millions in 2010. The most recent new participants of the lottery are the U.S. Virgin Islands, Louisiana  andFlorida.

When Mega Millions was played in 2010, the second prize was equal to $250 000. Only the use of Megaplier gave a possibility of increasing the sum up to a million of dollars. As far as you know, nowadays a million of dollars is the initial amount of money you can get as the second prize on this game.

The Mega Millions matrix we know today was established on October 18, 2013. Prior to that time, another matrix had been used. It had a pool of 56 numbers and a pool of 46 numbers. In order to win a jackpot, you would have needed to match five numbers from the first group and one number which is called The Gold Ball from the second group. Nowadays, the first group has 75 numbers and the second one has 15 numbers.

The additional prizes which are offered by Mega Millions tickets have changed a lot. Apart from the alternation of the second prize which is now five times bigger than the previous one, other prizes have also been changed. For example, matching four numbers from the first group and one number from the second group used to bring the players $10 000. Today, the initial amount of the prize is $5 000. Yet, you get $500 for the fourth prize instead of $150 which used to be before.

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The Most Frequently Asked Questions about Mega Millions

Would you like to play Mega Millions tickets for the first time? Then, you will find this article quite useful. Find the answers to all your questions below.

1. Where can I play the Mega Millions lottery online?

You can visit one of the reputable online ticket vendors such as You will be able to purchase your ticket in a quick and convenient way and get the results via the electronic mail.

2. How much do the Mega Millions tickets cost?

You will get one ticket for a drawing of Mega Millions for the value of one good coffe. If you pay an additional dollar, you will be able to use the option Megaplier which will increase any additional prize up to five times.

3. How to play Mega Millions?

Playing Mega Millions is extremely simple. You just need to choose five numbers from the first group of 75 numbers and one number from the second group of 15 numbers. Pay for your ticket and wait for the Mega Millions drawing date in order to learn the results.

4. What countries take part in Mega Millions?

Mega Millions is an American multistate lottery game. Yet, the residents of other countries can purchase tickets in land-based stores and via the Internet as well.

5. How old should I be in order to be able to participate in Mega Millions?

You can participate in the lottery if you are at least 18 years old. Pay your attention to the jurisdiction of your state or country. The minimal age may differ.

6. What are the odds of winning the main prize on Mega Millions?

For the time being, the chances of winning the greatest prize on Mega Millions is 1 in 258 890 850. There can be several winners of a jackpot in the same drawing. The number of winners depends on the amount of tickets which have a winning set of numbers. The overall Mega Millions odds of winning any prize is 1 in 14,7.

7. How big is the second prize on Mega Millions?

The second prize on Mega Millions is a million of American dollars. Yet, if you pay for Megaplier before the drawing, you will be able to increase this prize up to five million.

8. How big is the greatest winning on Mega Millions?

The greatest winning on Mega Millions tickets starts with $15 million. If there is no winner during a drawing, additional $5 million are added to this sum and it comes to the next drawing. Furthermore, there are no limits on the amount of a jackpot. For the time being, the greatest prize has overcome $600 000.

9. How big is the smallest winning on Mega Millions?

The smallest winning is one dollar. Still, if you have applied Megaplier, you can get $5 instead of $1.

10. What are the additional Mega Millions prizes?

There are nine categories of additional prizes on Mega Millions which start with $1 (up to $5 with Megaplier) up to $1 000 000 (up to $5 000 000 with Megaplier). The third prize is $5 000 (up to $25 000 with Megaplier).

11. When are the drawings of Mega Millions tickets held?

The Mega Millions drawings are held twice a week on Tuesday and Friday at 11:00 p.m. ET.

12. Where can I watch the live transmission of a Mega Millions drawing?

You can watch the live transmission of Mega Millions drawings on WSB-TV as well as other channels. You can also watch the transmission in the Internet.

13. How much time do I have for claiming my prize on Mega Millions?

The time given for claiming your prize is contingent on the state where you have purchased your ticket. The time can vary between 180 days and a year since the date of the drawing.

14. How can I win on the Mega Millions lottery?

In order to win on the Mega Millions lottery, you will need to match five numbers from the group of 75 numbers and one number from 15 numbers. Guessing this combination of numbers will give you a jackpot. Yet, if you do not guess all the numbers, you will still be able to get an additional prize.

15. What are the hot and cold Mega Millions numbers?

So far, 73 is the hottest Mega Millions number and such numbers as 70, 72, 3, 62, 70, 72, 3, 62, 69, 68, 67, 48, 19, 37, 30, 29, 27, 41, 43, 54, 59, 14, 15, 44, 61 are cold. You should check the current changes in order to know how many Mega Millions hot or cold numbers are there.

16. What are the differences between a lump-sum cash payment and annuity option?

You can get your prize in cash which means the entire sum of the prize will be paid to you or use an annuity option. This option gives you several payments during several years. The annuity option offers a bigger sum of the prize since it includes the inflation of the costs of living.

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Tips for Playing Mega Millions

Are you playing Mega Millions for the first time? Then, you should check these tips for playing this lottery game. They will help you to get the most of the game and become a winner of a jackpot.

First of all, you should decide where to buy Mega Millions tickets. If you are living in the United States of America, you can get your ticket in the majority of grocery stores. The price of the ticket is a dollar there and Megaplier function can be applied for the price of an additional dollar. Pay your attention to the fact that purchasing your ticket in California, you may not be allowed to use Megaplier. This is the only state which doesn’t offer this option to the players.

If it is difficult for you to visit a store, you can get your Mega Millions tickets online. Of course, it is a perfect option for the players from abroad. You can get your Mega Millions tickets online with the help of ticket vendors like When you use the services of such websites, you will be able to choose the numbers and pay for your ticket with the help of the most convenient payment methods. It is also possible to get several tickets. Providing you buy your ticket online, you can be sure that the company gives you the results of the drawing via the electronic mail.

It is recommended to check the results of the game exclusively via the help of official sources. For example, you can find the results of the Mega Millions drawing today on many TV channels, YouTube, the official website of Mega Millions as well as the websites of online ticket vendors.

Before you pick the numbers for a drawing, it is advised to learn how Mega Millions works. It may be sensible to purchase Megaplier which will increase an additional prize up to five times even if you become a winner of the second prize of a million of dollars. Furthermore, it may be a good idea to check the strategies available for this game. All the strategies are focusing on the way you are choosing the numbers for a drawing.

Finally, you should know that you always have an opportunity of playing Mega Millions together with other players. Create a group of your relatives or friends and get more tickets together for a drawing. In case of winning any prize, you can divide it among the participants of your group. It will give you more chances of winning a jackpot without paying too much money for your tickets.

These are some simple tips for playing Mega Millions. Use them and start winning real money with Mega Millions right now!

Mega Millions

Mega Millions