Polish Lotto Information

You dream of wonderful vacation in the most beautiful corners of the world, or maybe you’d like to change your life? You’re planning to open your own business but you lack funds? Or maybe you would simply like to build a dream house for your family? Can be done!

In lotteries, everyone has a chance to win, and the greatest winnings await you during the rollover time. It is when you can win as much as several millions and make all your dreams come true. All you have to do is buy a lottery ticket online on the LottoMat website, fill it out and send it, it’s that simple! On the LottoMat website you will find plenty of fantastic games online, one of them being our Polish Lotto.

The Lotto lottery

Lotto is the oldest and most recognizable Polish number lottery, the story of which dates all the way back to 1957. It is the Polish national lottery to be exact. Compared to other number games of chance it mostly stands out with very high chances of winning, attractive ticket prices and huge rollover jackpots.
Plenty of people, when talking about Lotto, very often call it Duzy Lotek or Toto-lotek, but we all know what they mean since these names are so strongly rooted in our culture.
In Poland, Lotto is run by Totalizator Sportowy. Lotto drawings can be watched live on TVP Info everyday at 9:40 PM, each drawing is also available on the Lotto Poland website.
Totalizator Sportowy sells lotto tickets only at stationary lottery offices, whereas the LottoMat website has responded to the expectations of players and introduced ability to purchase tickets on the Internet. That way we’d like to make our favorite lotto popular outside Poland as well.

What are the rules of the game?

Polish Lotto is based around similar rules to all the other popular lotteries. Numbers games tend to be alike anyway, only differing in the number of required hits and the pool of numbers to choose from, as well as the bonuses.
In our lotto, every player chooses 6 numbers out of the available pool of 1 to 49. Winning the main prize requires correctly guessing all six numbers. The lower level winnings, or the so called „five”, „four” or „three” are much lower sums, and yet each of us is happy to win even such a small prize, as it allows us to buy another lottery ticket. The incredibly attractive price of the lotto makes Polish people very willing to play this lottery. It costs about 3 zloties to play Lotto.

Types of drawings in Polish Lotto

Our national lottery has several types of drawings among which we can list drawings such as Multi Multi, Mini Lotto, Lotto and Lotto Plus, Keno, Kaskada, Ekstra Pensja and Super Szansa.

What’s the risk?

Compared to other numbers games, the risk in this lottery is very small. It is only 1:14 millions. For comparison, the likelihood in the famous American Powerball is 1:292 millions. For players choosing to play safe and preferring low risk, Polish Lotto will be definitely more attractive. 1 in every 53 tickets wins some sort of prize. But when it comes to the chances of the so-called ”six”, or the main prize, things look very optimistic: 1:14 millions, which are very decent odds.

How much can be won in the Polish lottery?

The lowest minimum first level winning is 2 000 000 zloties. In the event of a rollover, it goes up 5 000 000 to even 8 000 000 zloties. Considering the low ticket prices and high chances of winning, even those relatively low winning sums don’t discourage players.

What are rollovers like?

A rollover jackpot in the Polish Lotto may not appear as attractive as those in other lotteries, but it is still possible to win quite an amount – jackpots usually amounting to about eight to ten million zloties are not rare. In every drawing that doesn’t end with a „six”, the first level winning pool carries over to the next game. We have observed that usually when a rollover occurs, much more people buy a ticket and participate in a drawing. Thus the winning pool grows more, as at least 51% from the ticket purchases go to the winnings.

What was the all-time record winning in the lotto?

The highest winning in the history of Polish Lotto was 60 million zloties. The lucky numbers were selected by three players, which led to each of them winning 20 million zloties, which is still an incredibly terrific amount. The record winning took place quite recently, in 2016. On our news page you can find an article on how to win in the Polish lotto, it has some very interesting and noteworthy tips.

Who can play Polish Lotto?

Every adult can participate in the lottery. Everyone who wants to and meets the host’s requirements can try their luck, buy a ticket and choose numbers. One can do it in person, by visiting a lottery office and purchasing a ticket there. It can also be done faster – over the Internet obviously, while sitting comfortably on the couch. With our LottoMat website, playing Polish Lotto is very simple and convenient. These days Internet lotteries are incredible convenience and comfort for many people.

How to play Polish Lotto over the Internet?

If for some reason you still haven’t tried playing a lottery over the Internet, we have prepared a short guide for you that will help you through the playing process. It only has 4 points.

  1. You open your Internet browser and go to www.lottomat.com
  2. You register on the website. It’s very simple, you only need to provide a little required data.
  3. After logging in to the website, it’s time to select 6 numbers out of the pool of 49. You can do it personally, use the random option or choose a system game. You send as many tickets as you like. Remember that the more tickets you send, the higher your chances of winning.
  4. After the drawing, you go to www.lottomat.com and check the results. If the 6 numbers you selected were the winning numbers, your account will soon get a nice big transfer.

When do drawings take place?

Drawings take place 3 times a week – on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
Polish Lotto may not seem much attractive at first sight, but everyone thinking so is wrong. There is no shortage of players who can’t imagine not having this game in their strategy. Relatively frequent winnings attract players, and during rollovers even those usually not into it buy tickets.

On the Lotto website not only can you buy tickets and play the world’s best lotteries, but you can also read interesting articles on lotto, check drawing results including the archived ones, and also learn the rules of every game.