Bonoloto Information

The BonoLoto online game is a game of chance that is based on Primitiva. Although, is played at a lower cost and it more frequent. The BonoLoto online game was introduced on the 28th of February, 1988. Then, Bonolotto online was to complete the offer with the primitive itself, the National lottery and Quiniela lottery, but the bet price its offer was very cheap.

The Loterías y Apuestas del Estado in Spain is the regulatory body that governs the Bonoloto online game. This online lotto game is part of the wide range of lotteries games that generate draws for players in all the weekdays.

Rules of the BonoLoto

The rules of the BonoLoto online game require that players make a bet, during this, a player is to choose six number from each grid of 49.

Similar to that of Primitiva, players have the option of making multiple or single bets. To make multiple bets, the first columns will be completely used by marking 7 or additional numbers to a maximum of 11.

  • A multiple of 7 bet numbers of the bonoloto online game matches 7 bets.
  • A multiple of 8 bet numbers of the bonoloto online game matches 28 bets.
  • A multiple of 9 bet numbers on the bonoloto online game matches 84 bets.
  • A multiple of 10 bet numbers on the bonoloto online game matches 210 bets.
  • A multiple of 11 bet numbers on the bonoloto online game matches 462 bets.

 Draws in the game of  BonoLoto.

Draws in the game of BonoLoto online game is made using two drums. One of these drums contains 49 balls, which has numbers beginning from 1 to 49, the other drum contains balls numbered from 0 to 9.

The winning combination is formed from the six balls that are extracted from the drum. At the same time, the seventh ball which is all called “complementary” is also extracted.

The complementary numbered ball cannot be selected by players. However, it can be one among the six number balls chosen by him /her during the bet.

One of the numbered balls from 0 to 9 is drawn from the second drum to determine “The refund”.

What is the complementary number of the Bonoloto online game?

The bonoloto online game complementary ball is an added ball that is extracted in the addition to the six balls which makes up the winning combination.

The complementary balls are drawn from the first drum that contains 1 to 49 numbered balls.

The bonoloto online game complementary numbered ball has special functions of rewarding each bet with five matched numbers from the main winning combination. Winners are also allowed to opt out for the second category special prize when the five numbers that are matched to the winning combination are correct.

What is the refund number of the Bonolot online game?

The prize was given to the winner of a particular number that was extracted independently from the second drum containing 0 to 9 numbered balls.

A fixed payment prize that is equal to the amount of each simple bet for all ticket that has the same number are granted randomly by the system at the period of bet validation.

Advantages of playing the BonoLoto online game

The online Bonoloto has a series of advantages:

  • It is fast, simple, comfortable and there are no queues during the purchase of tickets.
  • Players are allowed access to play the bonoloto lottery online game from their computer, tablet, and mobile, simply with the aid of an internet connection.
  • Players are allowed to have access to Information associated with all the jackpot rollover, draws, and won prizes.
  • It is a reliable and safe method of all types of transactions.
  • You don’t stand the chance of losing any ticket. It provides you with a piece of in-depth information regarding payments, purchases, collections, etc.
  • Whenever a registered user is awarded a prize, the amount of prize is automatically credited to his/ her account.

BonoLoto online game jackpot

The special category prize that is also called “Jackpot” comes from a curtained amount not lesser than €400,000.

During the raffle event, there is no pronounced winner in the first prize, the amount obtained is added-up for the next raffle of the same category, this goes on and on until the prize is finally handed over.

One of the biggest Bonoloto online jackpot distributed till date was on the 18th of November, 1990. The winner emerged from the town of Iscar (province of Valladolid) who was given the huge sum  of 1.2 billion Ptas

This amount has not been surpassed since then. Since the lottery is played six days a week, this reduced its possibility of making a huge amount of revenue.

Prizes and chances to win Bonoloto