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Refer A Friend

Does my friend have to make a single transaction for 15€?

No. Your friend can buy single lines in separate transactions and receive a free line when the total amount of the transaction surpasses 15€.

What I have to do?

Copy the link that is in your user account in the “REFER A FRIEND” tab and share it with your friends.

free lottery tickets

What my friend have to do?

Only two simple steps;

  • The first step is to register using the referral link.
  • The second step is to buy tickets for at least € 15

What’s in it for me?

When your friend buys his tickets, you will receive a randomly chosen free line for the draw. Bear in mind, you can invite as many friends as you want and receive many free lines!

Will my friend get a free line too?

Yes, he will also receive a free line if he buys tickets for more than 15€.