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Making money over the InternetLooking for online business ideas is a time-consuming task. We get bombarded from everywhere with ads for “masters of marketing” and other experts, who will tell us how to be successful and make a million dollars for only $199.99. Well, all you have to do is convince 50 thousand people to purchase such guide – that’s the whole secret. But that’s not the way to do it, after all. If you’re looking for a real way to make extra income online, you came to the right place. You won’t read about miraculous ways to multiply your wealth or unrealistic methods of monetizing web traffic here. Working on the Internet can actually generate good income. Come on in!

Our Internet business idea – online lotteries

You’re probably wondering, how to make money on lotteries? By playing them and hoping for a stroke of luck? Quite the opposite! Our earning model consists of making money on players who buy Internet lottery tickets regularly. Imagine that one thousand people buy one ticket every week and generate a net income of $1 per sale this way. Your sales commission is 40%, which means that for every ticket purchased, you get $0.40. With the above assumptions, it gives a total of $1,600 in commissions a month. Is this a satisfying extra income for you? Is one thousand people a lot? Are you able to build a player base this big? And most of all, is this kind of online business satisfying to you?

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Internet lotteries keep growing in popularity every year. Thanks to them, you don’t have to walk to a stationary sales outlet, you just have to open an account on a website and from that moment you can buy tickets for plenty of global lotteries without leaving home. Such order of things convinces people from around the world to participate in lotteries on the Internet.

Lifetime commission – you always make money

Making money over the Internet 2
The thing about lottery players is, they don’t give up after several unlucky tickets. You probably know plenty of people who have been buying tickets for years but still haven’t won any significant amounts. It still doesn’t stop them from participating in those lotteries regularly. That’s the quintessence of it all – a player that gets brought into this once and chooses to play will stay with us for a long time. Thanks to that, your commission is a long-term option. On top of that, it can just keep growing if you keep referring new players. To run this kind of Internet business, you don’t even need to have your own company, you don’t have to invest large amounts in advertising or marketing. You just need a good idea to get a player base, and you probably have plenty of those.

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Extra income that can become a regular salary

Making money over the Internet 3Is the above mentioned amount of $1,600 just an extra income, or actually a typical amount that satisfies you as the main salary? Or maybe you aim higher? Remember that the more you make, the bigger commission we’re willing to give you. By increasing the player base to 2000, your monthly income might be as high as 3200$, of course under the humble assumption that each person buys one ticket a week. And there are people, after all, who play more often and don’t just pick a single line on their ticket and don’t just limit themselves to one lottery. It all depends on you and your players. We take care of everything else, which is the infrastructure needed to play and to keep the players with yourself. If we make money, you make money, too. Is there a better Internet business that doesn’t have any entry barriers? Let us remind you that you don’t have to pay anything, you don’t have to incur any fixed monthly fees. You make the decision how much time you spend on getting new players and how.

What kind of help will I get from you?

We offer all kinds of advertising materials that you’re going to need. We also have an array of individual bonuses and promotions that you can use to encourage people to register on the website and purchase tickets. One of them is, for instance, a free ticket. You can offer a free lottery ticket of a particular value to everyone who decides to open an account. We can also double the deposit from the players referred by you. If they choose to deposit, for example, $50, they will have $100 available to buy tickets with.

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How to see how much I made?

Our affiliate panel is very intuitive. We focus on transparency. That way you can see every single transaction from a player you refer, every single coupon. You can also follow everything with Google Analytics if your traffic is directed from a website. That way you can have a full control over how many players are in your base and obviously your current income.

We invite you to cooperate with us – it’s an Internet business that works

If you’re not sure if it’s an effective method to make extra income online or you have any doubts – contact us. We’ll answer all questions on your mind and will be happy to start cooperating with you.