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Lotto Zambia is the first official, national online lottery of Zambia. The first draw has been held on April 3rd 2019, so the lottery is a pretty new game. Lotto Zambia is the first regulated online lottery that provides full draw transparency and fairness thanks to the Ethereum blockchain.

Lotto Zambia is also the first lottery that uses a cutting-edge technology, TRNG (True Random Number Generator). TRNG takes advantage of quantum physics principles that guarantees total randomness of the drawn numbers. The system is certified by Gaming Laboratories International, gaming auditing company with more than 30 years of experience, trusted by 475 jurisdictions from all over the world.

Lotto Zambia Rules

Lotto Zambia has been created with simplicity and the highest winning odds in mind. The game is based on 6/36 matrix, which means the player picks 6 numbers from 1 to 36 range. There are four prize tiers in the games and only three numbers are required to claim a prize.

The jackpot isn’t as high as in the world’s biggest lotteries, but at the same time it’s worth noting that the chances for claiming it are a hundred times higher when compared with Powerball and along with a low single ticket cost that makes the lottery so attractive for the players not only in Zambia.

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